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Mark’s talk still resonates with our European Sales Team. He started a conversation about challenging conventional wisdom that is ongoing at Google. And with over 20 nationalities in the room he reached them all



Red Bull UK
Mark spoke at our sales conference. The impact was instant and the messages continue to affect our people. His delivery was awe-inspiring and truly humbling, which forced us all to take a step back and consider how we face challenges and make decisions. Empowering our teams to take action and avoid excuses is key to our success as a business and Mark's story demonstrates how to do that.



HSBC North America Holdings Inc
Mark presented at our North American Leadership Conference in Chicago. It was attended by 200 of HSBC's senior managers across Canada and the USA. Given the complexity of today's financial services industry, Mark's insight into the motivational challenges facing our management teams was accurate and his suggestions and ideas were equally relevant.



Mark presented at our National Sales Meeting in London. The audience are a tough and sometimes cynical group of sales people when it comes to outside speakers. The key messages of ‘deal in facts’, ‘get a great team around you’ and ‘have the right attitude’ really hit home in this difficult economic environment. The best thing about listening to Mark speak is that he is the embodiment of everything he speaks about. There is no better role model that I have seen in my 25 year career. I'm honoured to have met Mark and heard his story.



Mark's quiet calm and confidence on stage really enraptured our guests.  He tells an inspiring personal story that resonates superbly with a business audience yet is never contrived or over-messaged.  It was a total pleasure to work with Mark.



Your account of how you have overcome the loss of sight and continued to live your life and "make it happen" was humbling. But more than that, it was truly inspiring and invigorating as you challenged each one of us to reflect on and recognise how we choose to live our lives. You illustrated by personal example how we make decisions and that, by deciding what we want to change and what we want to see persist; we can find a powerful way through obstacles that originally might have seemed insurmountable. You also recounted your experiences with great style, honesty and humour. I can tell you that everyone who heard you has since spoken of you and been energised.



Mark Pollock joined an illustrious line of speakers - Sir Matthew Pinsent, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Keith Wood – when he spoke at our dinner. However, Mark was truly one of the most memorable. ...Mark is able to use his great sense of humour to show that no matter how difficult obstacles in life can be, they are always surmountable.



The feedback from your talk "Making it Happen" has been fantastic. I know a number of sceptics who attended the talk have been raving about it ever since. People have asked me when your book is coming out as they would love to read it themselves and also pass it on to the many others they have spoken to about you. Since your session many people are beginning to make it happen in terms of their work and career goals in Canon - there really is a different atmosphere around the place.



Mark spoke to the whole Mars Ireland Business. Mark's personal humility, remarkable achievements and genuine honesty really touched and inspired many of the team, myself included. Whilst Mark may not be the most famous motivational speaker I would recommend him ahead of the usual celebrity list.



Mark's presentation helped animate our theme for the day ‘Making it Happen'.  The messages in the stories he shared were easy to understand and easy to translate into an individual's own outlook. It was an inspirational presentation which transported people into a reflective mood about how everyone's own actions can change the overall outcome.



When facing uncertain times, Mark displays an attitude and perspective that reminds us that we really are in charge of our own destiny. And, in hearing how he has overcome his own difficulties, he demonstrates the power that resides within all of us to 'make things happen’



BOI Global Markets
Mark tells his story in a way that is both profound and touching. He provides his audience with a real insight into his personal struggle to overcome his fears and achieve his business and sporting ambitions while dealing with becoming blind in his early 20s. He is living proof that if you have a positive outlook and are focused on your goals, you can do anything you want to.



Merrill Lynch (Australia)
Your talk in Bangkok was awesome! Even after a huge setback, you can still achieve your goals if you remain focused and determined. As you highlighted, in order to achieve your goals you need to make it happen rather than either talk about it or make excuses why it can't. That is what we are all trying to achieve now.



Greater Sport (Manchester)
Thank you for making this year’s Sports Awards such a success. Your story moved many to tears, and importantly, to take action.


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