Motivational Speaker


Mark’s …humility, remarkable achievements and genuine honesty really touched and inspired the team...

Mars Ireland

recounted his experiences with great style, honesty and humour. I can say that everyone who heard him has since spoken of him and been energised



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Excite your people. Empower them to achieve more

Sometimes we choose the challenges, but what do we do when the challenges choose us?  You are in control. You decide your place in the future. 

You can create a culture in which people contribute and invest their energy, where they motivate themselves.

Mark delivers a high-impact key note which reminds people that they have a choice. That they can be brave, be different and be ambitious.

Areas Mark covers: -

  • Dealing in reality
  • Empowering people to be responsible for their attitudes
  • Deciding to avoid making excuses
  • Building a team

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